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Features of Mosques Carpet

Carpets always present warmth, comfort, and noise dampening properties. Mosque carpets have always been an important part of the mosque decorations and it has become a part of Islamic heritage. Carpets were initially used as floor coverings in Arabic countries, gradually these are not mere floor coverings but they also display the ornate works of art of Islamic heritage. A carpet is always considered a part of a mosque without it the mosque is considered to be incomplete. Some of its features are described below;

  • A carpet in mosque is the place where Salath (Religious Prayer) has to perform by numbers of Muslim community members under the imam’s guidance five times a day. That’s why mosque carpet always carry a strong symbolic meaning and always taken care in a sacred way from all Muslim community. Mosque carpets are available in different shapes, designs and stuff. Mostly the designs on the carpets contain Mihrab of mosques and n beautiful colors. Mosque carpets which were used in mosques only gradually became the part of floor covering for the Islamic rulers courts. And soon carpets become part of Islamic heritage. Although the carpets used in mosques or at courts are similar but they are not the same. Mosque carpets always came up with their own features.

A prayer rug or mosque carpet where Muslim pray always carry a holy meaning because there are sayings of Last Prophet depicts that a place where a Muslim pray continuously become a part of Paradise and is filled with lots of blessing and become holy.

Carpets are visual products that also depict hygiene, cleanliness and add holy feelings. The use of color and carpet patterns is very important.  Due to its characteristic of being holy mosque carpets are always kept extra clean from all types of dirt and filthy things.

Mosque is a place where all sorts of feelings of communities are united. It is a place where the soul root of values, social relations, an awareness of responsibility and service, responsibility of law, education art form of environment are all combined. The architecture of the mosque is simple yet elegant and carpets add a magnificent addition to it. So it should be selected wisely. Each mosque has its own carpet models. Sometimes its features come up with lines, some mosque carpets resemble prayer rugs, some are cored mosque carpets, and few times woven mosque carpets are always seen at some mosques.

Mosque carpets are always selected with great sensitivity and devotion, so mostly carpets are selected from good carpet manufacturing companies. Everything is kept in mind like its pattern; features of durability, then on daily bases a number of people have to pray on the feature of easy to clean and hygiene are valued. A better quality of carpet has better features of all of them.

Material of mosque carpet is a vital thing. Carpets are available in the different materials and are available at affordable prices according to the needs of that specific mosque.

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