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Why Should You Buy A Condominium Rather Going With House Or Apartments?

The condo is referred to as a small residential unit in a series of or multiple residential. Unlike apartments, the owners the landlord is independent to rent their livable building along with the common amenities. The Condo’s Common Charges (ค่า ส่วนกลาง คอน โด, Which is the term in Thai) includes many charges like condo’s fee, maintenance fee, etc.

Select your Type Of Condominium

  • Freehold Condo’s

The land on which the condominium is built is solely owned by the builder or developer. Hence, the transfer of the condo units is easy for the individual and potential buyers. And, Condo’s Common Charges are included in it while buying. These types of condos are found as row condos, high-rises condos, and also low-rises condos. It is further categorized into four different units.

  • Standard Condominium
  • Phased Condominium
  • Vacant Land Condos
  • Common Elements Condos

  • Lease Hold Condo’s

In this type of condominium, the owners owned the land and give institutions to build their respective thought for a lease period that can neither be less than 40 years nor more than 99 years. The buyers are on the contract as they do not hold the land.

Benefits of Condo’s over Apartments and House

  • It Is Less Expensive Than Many Houses And Apartments

When you have thought of purchase of house or apartment then, look for the Condo’s which are expensive and will be profiled in your budget. The affordable pricing of the condo makes it more recommendable among young families.

  • No Maintenance And Repair Fixing Charges From Outside Or Exterior

The buyer will not have to pay a single penny for the Condo’s Common Charges like maintenance and repair charges for the exterior of the buildings. It is maintained and repaired by the association as it is owned by them.  

  • Location of the condo’s

The condominium is densely packed hence smaller and often is in reach to amenities. Condo buyers can get easy access to cultural activities, shopping, and additional facilities.

  • Amenities

The larger condominium is packed with the amenities area. It may include many public places like swimming pools, tennis courts, park areas, jogging tracks, and many others, unlike houses.

  • Social Connections With The Peoples In Condo’s

When the peoples live in a house or apartments, they get detached from each other after living in their neighbor. But, due to the smallest units so, you are surrounded by most peoples which resembles you to interact.

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