Working of Swipe card machines


Are you looking for a working mechanism for a card swipe machine? If yes, then you are at the right door. Cards have become a major source of making payments without carrying actual money. Almost everyone has a debit card or a credit card with them, which is used to make payments. A card swipe machine is a tool used to swipe the card and start the transaction. This involves a pin which is to be entered by you. There is a working mechanism of these card swipe machines which should be known to you. We recommend you to visit to take card payments for efficient card swipe machines. This seller is highly trusted and reliable. In this article, we will take a look at working of these swipe card machines in detail.


  • Swipe the card

This is one of the common and obvious steps at the initial stage. A transaction is only started when you swipe the card on the machine. Physical touch should be made with each other to start the process. You would have seen many people getting stuck due to the machine not recognising the magnetic strip on the card. Therefore, the card should be swiped in order to start the transaction by contacting the card and the console inside the machine.

  • Entering key and information sent

This step helps to make the transaction process safe and secured. This is because the transaction does not start only by swiping the card. You have to enter the pin you have selected and only after it transaction starts. You cannot just make the payment without entering the key because thefts have become quite common. In this case, information is sent further only when you enter the private pin or key, which is known to you. This is one of the most important steps in the working of a card swipe machine.

  • Processing of information

The processing step is quite essential for knowing the details about the card you have provided. The contact between the card and the console inside the machine is done, details are studied. This is because swiping a card is not an essential thing, but there should be enough balance available. It means the card is processed, and the information is studied to know that enough balance is available in your bank account. The network is used by the card to know the details about it and also check the validation of it. This is because cards should be maintained, and money should be available in your bank account.

  • Charging Fees

A fee is charged to use the credit card from the credit cardholder. This is because the merchant, which is the seller, has to pay fees every time a card is swiped. Hence, to recover the fee charged, a percentage of 1% to 3 % of the total amount is taken as a fee. In addition to that, banks also charge annual fees for using online transaction facilities. This is the last step but also an important one on the working of card swipe machines.

We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed on the topic.

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