What are the breeding issues one might face with a French bulldog?

Are you willing to breed a Frenchie? Everyone knows that a French bulldog is a family dog that can easily gel up with the family members. But, it also has its shortcomings for the dog is difficult to care for and breed. Breeding a French bulldog is pricey and needs a lot of effort. Regular vet care and checkup is a must. There are people who simply buy French bulldogs to earn money through their offspring. They usually face a lot of breeding issues. Before breeding a dog, you should know what is involved in it. Breed the dogs that meet the breeding standards. Breed the dogs with positive traits and ones without health problems. As French bulldogs are fewer in number, there is more probability of inbreeding. Therefore, it is must to do a research on the linage of dogs before breeding any.

Find an experienced person to breed the dog

It is already clear that to breed a French bulldog, extensive knowledge is required. Therefore, it is wise to find a person who is experienced at breeding the bulldog. Such a person may help you to breed the dog. Spend some time in finding a reliable breeder who has years of experience in breeding. When opting to breed the dog, it is necessary to ensure that it belongs to the best breeding stock. The breeding restriction is only applicable to a Frenchie dog which fails to meet the standards of breeding. Such dogs are pet-quality dogs and must not be bred. It is important to neuter the dog before breeding.

Make things clear beforehand

If there is any breeding issue the dog faces, make that clear beforehand. A reliable breeder only makes this clear in advance before selling the dog. He will neuter the dog prior to selling. If the puppy is too young, it has to be sterilized within a time frame and the proof to be forwarded to the next owner. To breed a show dog, make sure it has won some championship before. The breeder will supply you with records of its achievements.

It is great to classify breeding restrictions and make the buyer aware of them. Shop for dog harnesses, leashes, blankets, clothing, food supplies from A French bulldog with ‘bat like’ ears is a happy creature but breeding the dog is not easy. They are intelligent, cute, smart and so breeding them is a lot fun.

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