Cons Of Getting A French Bulldog

People go crazy with Frenchie dogs, there is no doubt about that, but at the same time, they are also aware of few requirements that a Frenchie needs like the Frenchie Bulldog is a dog breed which needs much more care than the other breeds generally.

So why to not adopt a Frenchie!

Owing a French bulldog is not as easy as it seems to be. Here are ten reasons why we should not get a Frenchie dog.

  • Don’t buy a Frenchie if you don’t like fancy fur on everything. Because you have to be careful with the magic fibers and you’ll be finding hair all-around your place.
  • Don’t purchase if you don’t like a high maintenance doggie
  • Don’t go for it if you like your own personal space. Because they will not make it happen. They will keep nagging you all the time.
  • You can’t handle them if you don’t like a smart dog.
  • Don’t make a purchase if you can’t pay any attention to them all the time. Because they need a lot of attention.
  • And most importantly if you want your dog to exercise outdoors with you then never get a French bulldog. They are not a bit interested in it. They will be seated at the same place and will not move because they believe in no movement is always the best movement.
  • If you do not love a vocal doggie then you shouldn’t think about it. These dogs make a lot of noise during the day.

The French bulldog is not a model dog

If you are looking for a loyal dog then do not consider a French bulldog as the loyal one, because they will never dedicate themselves to you and only to you. A Frenchie is a bulldog is known as sociable but when you will start to love them they will be turned into a little silly.

Bulldogs suffer anxiety staying at home

Rethink before adopting a Frenchie if you will be busy all day at work, as they are not that kind of breed that can stay alone. They could be suffering due to an anxiety attack staying alone at home. So do not make them stay alone, do not make them facing such a situation. They will start barking, biting and they would become crazy if any situation like this will be created. So it is always better to avoid this kind of condition.

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