Lake Toba, a Large Crater Created by a Powerful Volcanic Eruption

Lake Toba is one of the all-natural miracles in Indonesia. Toba is a natural lake created by a super volcano eruption several 70.000 years ago. The eruption caused the ensuing collapse, and a catastrophe formed a vast caldera full of water. Dome generates an island in the middle of the lake.

Samosir Island is located in the southern part of Sumatra Island. Toba is the world’s most giant quaternary caldera. With 100 kilometres by 30 km, Toba is among the deepest lakes in the world. There are plenty of natural attractions.

And Toba is a lot more than just natural beauty. This location is among the centers of Batak civilization. Samosir and Toba have long been the area of the Batak Kingdoms that are most prominent of one. It is not incorrect to say that Toba and its surrounding area is the centrepiece of Batak civilization.

Tomok Village, the Gateway of Samosir Island

Tomok is a village located in the part of Samosir Island. Tomok is your gateway to enter Samosir in the southern Sumatra, via Ajibata Port, Parapat.

Due to the accessible location, Tomok is a highly popular tourist destination. Tomok has interesting spots, though little.

The house of these kings. Watch your head since this building has a ceiling. Intriguing adorn this little museum, such as conventional loom, conventional weapons, old mattresses, and art pieces.

You could see King Sidabutar Tomb Complex. You will need to wear an ulos (conventional cloth of Batak) to put in this complicated. It’s possible to see stone caskets on the floor. Those would be The Sidabutar Kings’ caskets.

By shopping in the industry, it’s possible to end the day at Tomok. It is possible to get many souvenirs, all locally and created.

Tuk-tuk Village, a Lakefront Resort Village

Tuk-tuk is a village situated in the heart of a small cape in Samosir Island’s eastern portion. This village will be an ideal location for family diversion and is the most popular destination at Toba. With many hotels and other amenities, it is possible to literally choose any suitable accommodation for your requirements and price range.

Tuk-tuk is ideal for leisure biking. You can bike on the lakefront street with a great perspective on several slopes and the lake. You do not even have to bring your bike as there are leases in Tuk-tuk. You’ll probably need two hours to relish what Tuk-tuk has to offer. Being on the shore of Toba, Tuk-tuk naturally also has some water diversion possibilities such as canoeing, leasing a boat, fishing, or simply swimming at the lake.

Vantage Points of Toba Lake

Toba is big, and you cannot get its grandeur all. Samosir Island is almost as huge as Singapore! It is standard that there are places that provide vistas of Samosir and Toba.

The vantage point is Menara Pandang Tele. This is a three-story tower. It’s still about the Sumatra, but it belongs to the Samosir Regency. With twisting streets on a slope to achieve this 17, you’ll want to hike a mountain. But once you reach the very top, you’ll come across a panorama incomparable with any other, particularly at noon.

Another option is to visit Sipinsur Park Geosite. This is among Humbang Hasundutan Regency’s most fabulous travel destinations. Sipinsur Park is situated on a plateau overlooking a portion of Lake Toba. Offering a comfortable experience, you could camp within this park. In reality, the pine woods at Sipinsur Park is a prime location for campers in Northern Sumatra.

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