Best Batam Resort For Your Relaxing and Vacation

Batam has at all times been the destination for Singaporeans who are looking for a brief getaway. Having a ferry journey, it’s not tough to see why Singaporeans would flock into the remarkable island!

If you are arranging a weekend visit to Batam, you’ve come to the ideal location! Here are.

Nongsa Point Marina & ResortBuilt around a natural cove, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort is a beautifully designed waterfront accommodation complete with unparalleled sea views.

3-bedroom chalets, two, and its resort-style rooms will make sure you’ve got an ideal vacation away from home. Having a marina situated in front of the hotel, here’s your opportunity to feel like you live the high life!

Naturally, what’s a resort vacay with no pool? Unwind at Nongsa Point’s big lagoon pool before treating yourself. When evening comes, be sure to have a walk and snap on a few Insta-worthy photos!

According to our evaluations with resort management, we note that the hotel has an in-house restaurant, Selera Restaurant, that uses halal ingredients. However, it isn’t halal-certified, and alcoholic beverages are served. Hence, we recommend that you dine there at your discretion.

Price: Starts from SGD94/Rp. 973.000 per night

Address: 29466, Jalan Hang Lekiu Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia

  1. Batam View Beach Resort

This hotel provides a stunning view of the ocean out of the own villa rooms, which will surely cure any kind of stress in your system.

Located in the Nongsa area of Batam, the 4-star resort might look like a home. Still, its interior is made up of chambers, complete.

A very long list of tasks promising experience and recreation awaits you also! Laze around their beach, have a dip at the outdoor pool, try sports out, or perhaps go snowboarding via a swamp. Check out this – it is also possible to undergo a”mini zoo” at their natural possessions and pets corner. Excellent for all those of you with kids!

Cost: By SGD73/Rp. 756k per night

Location: Hang Lekiu Nongsa, Kota Batam

  1. Sijori Resort & Spa

Tucked away in Batam’s busy areas and located in a compound, Sijori Resort’s calm and relaxed ambiance will slow your pace of life down. Recently renovated to improve its services for guests, even the rooms of Sijori are pretty spacious and complete with decor.

Select from a range of rooms out of their rooms all of the ways for a luxury stay. There are loads of activities to perform at Sijori too. Like swim in their scenic pool (complete with inflatable floats!), try their mini-golf courses, or unwind with spa and a Thai massage.

And of course, the impeccable hospitality and service gave by Sijori’s team will surely make your stay more comfortable! Sijori’s restaurants serve food using halal components (although please note that alcoholic drinks are also available on the menu. We advise readers to dine at their own discretion).

Cost: Starts with SGD65/Rp. 673k per night

Address: Jalan Ir. Sutami No. 6, 29421 Sekupang, Indonesia

  1. Best Western Premier Panbil

This last resort is technically not a resort. Still, with outstanding facilities (such as their infinity pool! ) ) Which are sure to help you unwind, we couldn’t resist placing it in! Their infinity pool provides lush views of a gorgeous lake view and Batam. A perfect respite from town!

Best Western Panbil offers comfortable and cozy rooms, which means it is possible to relax and unwind after a day being out and about.

The hotel is really accessible – with shuttle buses to popular malls like Mall and Nagoya Hill Mall, so it’s possible to catch up on a few shopping! Please note that the main restaurant serves halal food, and that means you won’t worry about the way to eat if you don’t intend to leave the resort.

Cost: From SGD84/Rp. 870k per night

Address: Jalan Ahmad Yani, Sei Beduk, Muka Kuning, 29433 Batam Center

With a listing of these four attractive resorts, we hope we’ve got you geared up on your Batam getaway! Whether you’re trying to find some alone time with your significant other or spending quality time with your family, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to pack your suitcases and possess that pampering vacay you have earned!

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