4 Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Once you have installed laminate flooring, you must maintain it because repairing it is a hassle. Also, while installing them you must be careful. Once laminate floors are damaged, they become irreparable. No matter how qualified or experienced professionals you hire to get it fixed, refinishing them is next to impossible. Hence, this calls for homeowners to be a bit cautious. We have listed below some important mistakes you must be mindful of when it comes to laminate flooring installation.

  • Not measuring the humidity levels

 Though laminate floors are resistant to water, if it’s placed on humid or wet basements or porches, the extra moisture can damage the wood’s quality over time. So, before you lay wood laminate flooring, inspect the humidity level of the room. For instance, we hardly take care of your garages and basements. They mostly suffer from leakages, thus having high humidity levels. Installing laminate flooring in those areas without proper renovation is simply a waste of money.

  • Not levelling the subfloor before installing 

Another common mistake homeowners make is they don’t inspect the condition of the subfloor. Always make sure the subfloor is even. If it’s uneven or raised at certain places, hire a professional to get the floor levelled first. If you neglect these minor steps and install laminates over a bumpy floor, it would create gaps in between the boards.

  • Using faulty planks

Inspect every individual wood plank before laying them.

Often professionals overlook blisters or bumps present in the planks. If they aren’t removed, you will have to face bigger problems in the future. To get the best quality laminate floors, look for laminate flooring near me

  • Not sealing correctly

If you are installing laminate floors in rooms with high humidity levels, tight sealing is extremely essential. If the boards aren’t properly sealed, the woods would soak moisture, thus expanding, getting damaged in the process, and lasting for only a few months.

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