Why You Need A Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in accident in your workplace, you should consult a lawyer immediately – recommending https://personalinjurynewyorkcity.com/new-york-scaffolding-accident-lawyer/. This is because you probably have cogent grounds for a personal injury claim. However, you have to start the process early to increase your chances of a successful litigation. Maybe you were working on a building site and you fell off a scaffold. In this case, the right expert for you is a scaffolding accident lawyer. Consult this expert and you start the journey to successful litigation and compensation. Below are the steps you should take to ensure success.

Find an Experienced Lawyer

The first step is to find a legal expert who has experience in personal injury cases. The key words here are specific experience. You should not consult a lawyer who handles divorce or road traffic accident cases. Your interest here is scaffolding accident so you should look for the lawyer who has handled such cases successfully in the past. If your lawyer has delivered the goods in the past, you can be sure he will give you great service.

Brief Your Lawyer

In this context, briefing your lawyer simply means telling the legal expert the details of the accident. First off, you should tell the lawyer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Do not try to misrepresent facts because this will work against you when the matter goes to court. Start at the very beginning and describe the accident and how it happened. Explain to your lawyer that the accident happened during the course of your normal duties. If you think your employer compromised on safety standards, you should state this clearly. On the other hand, if the scaffold did not malfunction but you just slipped and fell, you should state this clearly. At this point, you are not trying to apportion blame or find the company guilty. This is for the court to decide. Just state the facts and the lawyer will take it from there.

Relevant Questions

Now, your lawyer will ask you some relevant questions so you should answer these questions honestly. These questions include whether you have the right insurance policies or not. The lawyer may also ask you if such an accident has happened before in your workplace or not. Once the lawyer has answers to all these questions, he or she will file the relevant papers in court.

Do Not Negotiate

Once the case is in court, you should not ever negotiate with the defendant. Even if the defendant wants an out-of-court settlement with you, you should turn this down and tell them to discuss this with your lawyer. Better still, you should tell your lawyer about any attempt by the other party to negotiate with you.

Expected Outcome

Note that if you are prosecuting another party for a scaffolding accident, this is a civil case and not a criminal case. For this reason, the other party is not likely to go to jail or pay a fine to the court. If the case goes in your favor, the court will award damages against the other party and you will get compensation. This is the expected outcome and this is what your lawyer will try to get for you.

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