The Three Factor to Consider When Getting a Suit for summers from Ounass KSA

It doesn’t matter if its winter or summers, there are workplaces which require one to wear suits. The corporate sector is one of those sectors where you have to wait for formal attire which includes the suits for men and women both. The consideration of wearing a suit to work makes one sweat even with the thought, especially for countries like KSA; however, a rule is a rule. With the innovation in modern fashion, it has now become very much possible to wear a suit in the summers. All you have to do is make the right selection of color and fabric to have the best summer suit. Ounass has a whole section dedicated to summer suits which makes the selection even easier for women working in the corporate sector. And with the use of Ounass coupon getting their hands on some of the best-branded summer suits has become even more fun.

Get the Right Color

To gear up for the summer and set your work wardrobe for the hot season, the first thing to consider is the color. For the summer suits, the key is to wear lighter colors. As much as we hate to agree, a suit made in black color looks the best however this is the color that absorbs a lot of heat and doesn’t reflect, hence it’s the worst color to select for the summers. Select colors that will reflect the heat and make you feel cooler. The summer suit collection at Ounass has all light colors ranging from hues of brown such as tan, khaki, and camel brown, along with white, beige, silver, off white, light blue, and grey. These light-colored suits can be paired with plain or striped light-colored shirts underneath to give your attire a very formal look. You can get these shirts from Ounass as well along with your summer suits and with the use of the Ounass coupon you can get a good discount too.

Fabrics to Help You Stay Cool during the Hot Days

The second factor to consider for your summer work wardrobe is the type of fabric you get for your suit. The best fabric used for the suit is the woolen material however this material keeps one warm and this is a complete no for the summer. However, if you opt for light wool which has 100 thread count can be the excellent fabric for the hot season. The second material to get is the cotton which is a breathable fabric and perfect for summers and the third fabric to select from is the linen. The summer suits collection at Ounass have suits made from these three materials which help in making your selection easier and with the use of Ounass coupon you can also get a discount on your favorite summer suit

The Right Fit for the Hot Days

The final factor to consider for your summer work wardrobe is the fitting of your suit. A fitted suit looks the best since it highlights your body but for the summers, it is best to opt for a loose-fitted suit so that it doesn’t cling to your body otherwise it will make you feel boot. Ounass has summer suits with front open no button coats which is the perfect buy for the summer, especially with the use of the Ounass coupon.

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