Proficient Reasons Behind Adoption of Text Messaging by Churches

Every church appreciates a means of efficient yet timely communication. Church Texting platforms are gaining popularity among more and more churches. But why are churches going for texts? What more texting more superior or favorable than emails and social media for church communication?

Quick And Inexpensive Way Of Communication

Texting is virtually a matter of seconds, no matter you are sending the message to one person or a dozen. In reality, texting is quicker than emailing. It is also quite inexpensive and doesn’t particularly need a smartphone (an old school cell phone will do). It makes texting a perfect communication strategy for churches with both big and small budgets. 

Wide-Spread Reach

Social media is famous for reaching out to people no matter where they live. But texts are way faster, don’t need the internet, and 90% of them are seen within 3 minutes after they are received. No one is oblivious to the power, speed, and extent of reach that a text message has. Churches can send messages to the entire congregation, whereas individual groups can have their text groups. This way, churches can send any message to multiple people at once, rather than sending one by one.


During festivals or special days, churches may need to convey something to all the churchgoers. Sending all the parishioners separate messages- that too separately- can prove to be a headache. Auto-messaging is a technological boon that almost all messaging platform offers. The sender can now save a message, date, and contact number, such that the software will automatically send the message to the contact at that time. Via this feature, the church can send these unique messages quickly without losing time to form the text again-and-again.

Live Polls And Surveys

A survey or a live poll via text is an innovative way to know the opinions of parishioners regarding the sermon and other church events. It increases and supports interaction between pastors and congregants, without any hassle or hesitation. It makes the churchgoers feel they are a part of the community, rather than a bystander (or a sitter) in a sermon. 

Church Updates

Many reasons can arise due to which a church may need to reach out to the churchgoers. Maybe a special guest speaker is joining the upcoming Sunday’s sermon. A church may need to announce a church event. Even canceled services, venue changes, and reminders are good reasons for a church to choose a Church Texting platform. No matter the weight of the matter, congregants always appreciate these updates.

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