How To Protect Yourself From Car Theft

Crime is quite low in Dubai, as compared to other countries. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen; it actually does happen and quite often too. Dubai thieves are getting smarter nowadays, they are getting more sophisticated and smarter as the day goes by. To protect your car from theft, here are a few things to do.

Park in your Garage

Parking your car in the street definitely increases the chances of it being stolen, it’s in an environment you don’t have much control over.  Apart from theft, other things could happen to the car. It could be damaged by a storm, some other driver in the night could run into it or some mischievous kid could scratch it. In the garage, there’s more safety.

Don’t keep valuables in the car

You don’t want something to tempt thieves. This is because once they’ve gotten into the car to get the laptop, or wallet or expensive bag, they’ve crossed the first hurdle to stealing your car. And then now there’s a lesser hurdle to stop them from stealing your car.

Secure Your Car Keys

This might seem a no brainer, but it’s actually very important. Keep your keys out of sight. This is because sometimes thieves break in only to steal your keys and then steal your car with it. And for those who use keyless starters make sure your keys are stored in a metal box. This is so that your keys cannot be hacked and then triggered to open your car doors. In a metal key cabinet, it doesn’t give of frequency. If you bought the car from someone else you should reprogram your keys.

Have a Car Alarm

This is a great idea, and it serves as a deterrent to would-be car thieves. These alarms are triggered when someone tries to gain illegal entry into your vehicle. New cars come with factory fitted alarms. For older cars though, you’d have to equip it with an alarm yourself. Also make sure you buy a good alarm system, not the type that would be triggered when a cat climbs on the hood or when a truck passes.

Lock your car doors

This is one of the biggest causes of car thefts. Even if you’re parking just pick something inside the house and come out in 30 seconds, lock your car doors. A lot of people leave their keys somewhere in the car, or even in the ignition, you don’t want to do this. Remember also to manually test whether the door of your car is locked especially if you use keyless entry. Sometimes thieves use a jamming attack, which stops your car from receiving information from the fob. However, checking the door manually after locking will make sure the car is locked.

Car tracking tool

With this, your car can be traced to wherever it is. Of course, the software can be installed on your phone so that you can track your car. Some even come with the feature of immobilizing the car so that you can get the car to stop right where it is, thereby making it almost impossible to steal.

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