How to arrange a bridal bouquet with baby breath?

Baby breath is a flower that is, initially, given when a baby is born or when it first lets out its breath; hence the name. The meaning of baby breath itself is a brand-new page or leaf in someone’s life, which is why it is often used for weddings and happy celebrations.

The philosophy of baby breath meaning is such a classic. In fact, it has something to do with sincerity and eternal love. It is used to symbolize couples who want to start a new life. Baby breath is often combined with beautiful roses to create an even prettier effect. The collaboration of these two flowers can present a passionate love, which is a strong love.

There are many kinds of baby breath. First, there is a yellow baby breath. The color is bright yellow; which is synonymous with light and cheerfulness. This kind of baby breath is used to brighten the color of a room. The second kind is pink baby breath. Pink is, ultimately, symbolizing romantic love and warm hearts. It is often used to celebrate when a baby girl is born. The last one is a combination of white baby breath. It is used to symbolize eternal love. The uniqueness of this one is that it’s not only symbolizing romantic love but also platonic love, such as love between friends or family. Any kind of baby breath can be used to decorate a wedding, it’s all up to your choice. Now, let’s see how you can arrange a baby’s breath for a bridal bouquet.

  1. Prepare floral tape, floral pins, various ribbons, floral spray paint, and of course baby breath.

2.Trim the stems of the baby breath to your liking, this can be long or short based on your preference. Longer or taller styles can look slimmer and sophisticated while short or tiny cuts can look cute and adorable.

  1. Arrange the baby breath so that they intertwine each twig, as to create a rounded cluster. You should do this delicately with passion so that your baby breath can look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Prepare the cut stems and hold them tightly. Then, wrap floral tape at the neck of the bouquet. Make sure to cover all the broken or bruised twig to look pretty.
  3. Prepare the ribbons that you have. The colors are up to you, if your baby breath is yellow then you can use a matching ribbon, or if you like to mix and match you can use contrasting colors. Cut the ribbon to your desired length, be careful not to cut yourself.
  4. Then, wrap the ribbon tightly around the stems, covering the floral tape. Make sure to cover all the parts so that the revealing parts are only the ribbon. This way, it can look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.
  5. Use the floral pins to lock the ribbons together so it doesn’t move. You can use matching colors for the floral pins, or you can use neutral tones.
  6. The baby’s breath is ready for the wedding bouquet. You can add some scented spray for an extra effect, but that is optional. For another effect, you can add glitter of confetti, as it will add a passionate and unique effect.

Baby breath is a very delicate and unique flower, and it can be used in various styles based on your likings. There are many ways in which you can style your bouquet. The above one is just one of them. Another way would be to use colorful paper or even old newspapers. If you happen to have an old newspaper with romantic or vintage news, that would be so beautiful to use to wrap baby breath.

Another unique way to use baby breath is to use canvas cloth. Canvas cloth can give a vintage and artsy vibe that most people are looking for. You can also add other flowers such as daisy to match the style of the bouquet. Daisy flowers are nice to look at when combined with baby breath as they have similar colors and shapes.

The important thing is to pick healthy and even-colored baby breath flowers as weddings can only happen once, and nothing should ever go wrong for the bride or groom. Use the highest quality of tools and fabric to prevent accidents. Flower delivery Singapore provides the baby breath you just need.

Baby breath may seem like a simple flower, or a simple plant even, but it carries a deep meaning as it symbolizes new life and new beginnings. Even the name itself shows that it is representing a new life, for all of us. Not only can it be used for weddings, it can be used for baby celebrations as well. It is something that most couples in weddings are looking for. A new hope, a new beginning for their journey in love and in life. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in life?

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