Heat Pumps – Simple And Effective

The operation of a heat pump can be compared to that of a refrigerator but in reverse.

In a refrigerator, heat is conducted from the inside to the outside. Heat pumps work exactly the opposite way. The heat from the air is conducted into the house through the heating system. The refrigerant vapor is compressed to increase the temperature until it is high enough for heating and hot water.

Heat Pumps      

High-Efficiency Thanks To Scroll Compressors

To achieve efficiency in the heat pump, the compression process is decisive. https://www.wolfersheating.com/heat-pumps-washougal-wa/uses a scroll compressor for this, characterized by quiet, vibration-free, maintenance-free, and highly long-lasting operation.

For the production of heat, it is extracted from the ambient air, and with it, the coolant liquid is vaporized, which boils at low temperatures. The gas obtained is compressed and heated in the scroll compressor. The heated gas transmits the heat from the condenser to the heating water or domestic hot water and then liquefies. Finally, the coolant still under pressure is released to an expansion valve, and the circuit is restarted.

Use Various Energy Sources.

The best source of energy for each case depends on the particularities of the place and the need for heat. Viessmann heat pumps can use different energy sources:

  • Air: virtually unlimited availability, minimal investment costs
  • Soil: through the underground coil, terrestrial probe, or ice accumulator, high efficiency
  • Water: exceptionally high efficiency, attention to water quality
  • Residual heat: depends on availability, quantity, and temperature level of the residual heat

Annual Income Coefficient (COP Value) As A Reference

The COP coefficient of performance (COP = Coefficient of Performance) is the ratio of heat emitted and the power absorbed. The annual income coefficient is the average of the COP values ​​that occurred over a year.

The performance coefficient is used to compare heat pumps in terms of efficiency by https://www.wolfersheating.com/heating/heat-pumps/, with the COP value only existing at a given time of operation and established operating temperatures.

For the planning of an installation, its operation must be observed throughout the year. For this purpose, the amount of heat emitted during the year is fixed concerning the electrical work carried out by installing the heat pump during the same time interval. Current shares of pumps, control systems, etc., should be taken into account. The result is known as the annual income coefficient.

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