Eligibility for the Preliminary English Test and their levels.

We all know the importance of language which helps to communicate, mainly for travel. Who likes to travel? They must know the language nowadays. Most people like to speak the English language which helps them to travel all over the world. Some people like to go abroad for their higher studies and their profession. Before that, we need to know about the B1 English Test. It is a common framework in the reference of the European language CECR or CEF system and it is also known as a preliminary English test, these are considered as a level of test for the intermediate level. Through this test, learners can analyze the important points which make their input standard and clear on familiar and regular activity. Where the language is spoken, learners can easily handle the situation while traveling. This test helps them to handle their situation, and at the same time, it helps to share their personal experience, dream, plan for any project, and opinion with the reason. Some of the Universities require the certificate for the B1 English test if they want to complete their master’s degree or graduate.

Design for the English Test level

These following tests are included in the B1 English test

  • Grammar test
  • Reading test
  • Filling the Blank test
  • Rewrite the sentence test
  • Listening test

Grammar Test

The Grammar test is a significant one, which helps to develop our skills and make us practice Grammar in English for the B1 English Test. For that, we need a blank sentence. In that test each question has four similarities in that we have to choose a correct answer for the blank sentence, it must be a suitable answer for the given question.

Reading test

Reading test which helps to practice the English language which develops our reading skill. After reading the passage set of questions given to answer by analysis the passage for each question has four options, we need to choose the best answer for the question. They give 10 minutes to finish the test.

Filling in the Blanks

Filling the blanks test has both reading and filling the blank it develops both the skills, for this it has a set of choices to find an accurate option with the help of the passage. This is also considered a kind of B1 English test.

Rewriting this sentence test

This test is designed to develop our writing skills through this we can practice our writing and help it help to write our own. In this test a simple sentence will be given, we have to rewrite that sentence without changing the meaning. The main and important thing at this level is we don’t know the meaning of the given sentence and for this test, they will offer 10 minutes to finish this test.

Listening test

Listening test which helps to develop our listening skill. In this test, we have to listen to the given audio. In that audio, we can hear the person’s voice. In the sentence that will be displayed with the blank we have to fill the blank or missing word in a given space, we have to complete these tests within 10 minutes. We can review our answers after finishing the test.

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