Best Ways To Choose Giveaway Winner

Giveaway means giving things to people at no cost and in most situations, it is given for promotional purposes. As it is done often for promotional purposes of the business, choosing a winner has to be a fair process and it is also crucial as it directly impacts the business. Drawing a giveaway winner is a challenging task as it involves hundreds and thousands of entries.

Following are the best ways of choosing giveaway winners

Selecting An Entry With The Most Votes

One of the smart ways to pick the winner especially in an image submission contest is to pick the image with the most votes. This makes more community participation in the contest. You should post the rules and regulations about the image submission contest. Inserting an alternative pool on the giveaway post allows visitors to instantly pick their winner.

Select Random Winner With Random Name Generator Tool

The best and unbiased way of choosing a giveaway winner is to select a winner with a Random Name Generator. You have to enter the names of people who entered the giveaway, this tool will generate the name and that name would be the winner of the giveaway. The great advantage of using this tool is that everyone participating in the contest would have an equal probability of being selected as the winner. This makes the giveaway interesting and it helps to attract more people for the giveaway.

Select Winner With Right Answer

Many giveaway contests are based on answering the question they have put on correctly. The best way to choose the winner of such a contest is to first filter all the entries with the correct answer. This would eliminate participants with wrong answers, leaving few participants. Now, you can choose the winner on your own or you can also choose a random winner with various tools and software.

Selecting Winner By Panel Of Judges

Some giveaway contests may not be straightforward, big giveaways with thousands of people taking part, requires an organizer to properly plan and organize such events. Events involving individual or group performance, artistry, the best way to select a winner is to let the panel of judges decide the winner. There are not as such one or two criteria to pick a winner amongst the participants, the panel of judges would look after everything and decide the winner. For example in an award show or some reality show, the winner is picked by a panel of judges.

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