8 Direct Benefits of Group Calls for Business or Pleasure

According to one study, 60% of people admit that they are doing other work when they’re on a conference call, not giving the attendees their full attention.

You might be one of those people on group calls, but have you ever stopped to think about what the benefits of being on them are?

Keep reading to change your perspective on group calls and figure out why you should do more!

  1. Flexible

Whether you video chat on Facebook or do a Zoom video chat, a group video call give you so much flexibility.

Everyone has their phone with them all of the time or is nearby to a computer. Because of this, even if you’re not in the office or with your friends, you can still be connected to them. This gives you the flexibility of having a more open schedule and being able to go wherever you want!

This works great if you have a lot of people who are all over the country and in different time zones. With just a few buttons, you can instantly reach all of your friends or colleagues regardless of where they are.

  1. Easy to Use

Even if you’re technologically challenged, using group calls is incredibly easy.

There are all kinds of different platforms that you can set up a group call on. You can have as little as three people to as many as thirty people depending on what app you use.

Once you join the call, you’ll be able to see each other or at least hear each other and discuss whatever you need to!

  1. Cheaper

Doing group calls can actually be cheaper for yourself or your company.

Going to face-to-face meetings require more time and expenses, for the meeting rooms, any travel expenses, or the cost of a venue.

If you’re calling some friends, this can be a way to hang out without having to spend any money on gas or a restaurant or anything like that.

If you really need to be physically there with people to discuss what you need to, you may want to consider weighing the cost and benefit of a face-to-face meeting.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

If you are more aware of all of your impacts on the environment, doing a group call will definitely help to reduce your carbon footprint.

This applies, in general, to avoid having to travel and take a plane somewhere. Every plane trip contributes to global warming, so if you can lessen that burden a little bit, you can easily just stay at home and do a conference call.

You also don’t have to waste any paper because you can easily have everything to be electronic.

  1. Easier Notes

If you’re in a business setting, you might find that it’s difficult to find time to takes notes when everyone is talking. However, bringing your laptop might be considered rude or easily distract you.

However, depending on what type of group call app you’re using, the call may be automatically recorded. This is great for having if you want to go back over the conversation and take notes.

It’s also helpful if you can’t remember exactly what was said or agreed up. This also makes it easier to share with other people who weren’t able to attend the call.

  1. More Secure

In some cases, a conference call can be more secure as well.

Depending on the app you use, you may have to type in a code to enter in the call. Normally the calls are also encrypted and will block outside callers so that you can make sure whatever is said over the call doesn’t get relayed to outside ears.

  1. Simple

Many people think that joining an office call has to be something big and laborious, but it’s actually really simple. With the newest technologies, it’s as simple as picking up your phone to make a regular phone call.

During the conference call, you’ll also be able to do things like sharing your screen or present other information to people that are calling in with you.

Even if you don’t have a laptop, you can use your phone to call into the meeting as well, which makes sure everyone can have access to it.

  1. Save Time

Lastly, this also saves time. If time is as valuable as money in your company, this will also help you save money too!

Figuring out a time for you and your friends or coworkers to plan a meeting and find a spot to have it can take up a lot of time. Waiting for someone else to get out of the conference room you need may also take up some time as well.

But with a conference call, you can create one in just a few minutes. People can instantly be pulled together as long as they just carve time out to join the virtual meeting room.

This is great especially in an emergency situation, where you don’t have much time. You can easily whip up a conference call and everyone can join in, ready to help solve the problem in no time at all.

Discover More of the Benefits of Doing Group Calls

These are only a few of the benefits of doing group calls, but there many more reasons that you should do them.

We know that figuring out group calls can be frustrating at first, but we’re here to help walk you through it!

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